Blackberry Launches Its First Ever Android Phone

Blackberry Priv

The launch of Blackberry’s first ever smart phone Priv just may prove to be the company’s big comeback. The company admitted that the success of the smartphone would determine whether it would continue to produce these phones or not. Now that Blackberry is announcing to launch two more smartphones in the near future, it is safe to say the company ... Read More »

Apple’s Smart Keyboard For Ipad Pro

Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple’s Smart Keyboard is a great addition to the long list of Apple’s well-designed products. It is a full-size keyboard that is compatible with both 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches iPad Pro. Smart Keyboard definitely promises greater portability and innovative experience for its users. Unique Features Of The Smart Keyboard Smart Keyboard is not only easy to use, but also ... Read More »

Android Developers Finally Get The Playbook App

Playbook App

As the android system continues to dominate the market, Google drops a little treat for all the android developers in the form of a playbook app. The developer-oriented app is a complete guide for android developers who wish to improve and promote their android apps. What It Offers The recently launched application provides developers with an array of tips, articles ... Read More »

Top 3 Hacks to Increase Battery Life

Battery Life

In today’s information age, technological devices have become extremely widespread. Every other adult, child or elder possesses some type of technological device, like a smart phone or laptop or a table, which they then put to use throughout the day. It helps them stay connected with others and keeps them busy during their leisure time. However, a common problem with ... Read More »

Edward Snowden’s iPhone Snooping Device

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, an ex-NSA contractor, has recently developed a revolutionary smartphone addition with the help of another hacker, Andrew Huang. This creation aims to secure privacy for smartphone users, by allowing them to detect unwanted location-tracking spyware targeting their devices. How It Came About The ease at which the privacy of the ordinary smart-phone user is compromised is no real ... Read More »

The Nissan 2016 LEAF Electric Car

Nissan Leaf 2016

The Leaf is an electric car by Nissan. It was first launched in the United States and Japan in December 2010. The Nissan Leaf electric car 2016 is a new model approved by the Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Its 30 kWh battery works 172 km if full and the 24 kWh battery works 135 km. With the help of DC ... Read More »

New Lenovo Bendable Phones

Lenovo Bendable Phones

Last week Lenovo’s CTO Peter Hortensius introduced two new prototypes, namely the CPlus smartphone and the Folio Tablet, in Lenovo’s Tech World Conference 2016 held in Sans Francisco. Later their practical demonstration was also shown by Megan McCarthy. These two products are based on the flexible display technology rather than a traditional flat screen used in smartphones. This new technology ... Read More »

Smart Features of the HP Chrome Book 11 G5

HP Chrome Book 11 G5

HP has recently introduced its new cloud-enabled laptop called Chrome Book 11 G5. However, this time it comes with some smart high-end features: an optional touch screen variant being the most popular one. This laptop, weighing 2.51 pounds, features a durable brushed anodized aluminum design slimmer design with lighter weight than before.  With an affordable price starting from $189, this ... Read More »

The LG V20 Specifications


The much awaited release of the LG V20 is due to arrive in September. Naturally, there have been numerous ‘leaks’ sharing what features this device has to offer, and as the time for release grows nearer, they are becoming more credible. So what do we know about the LG V20? The most notable feature of the LG V20 is the ... Read More »

What Does The Samsung Notebook VII Spin Offer Users?

Samsung Notebook VII Spin

Samsung offers greater utility to its consumer by introducing its new Notebook VII Spin. It is a 0.78-inch thick laptop with a 2-1 convertible feature designed with the purpose of enhancing collaboration and flexibility of use both inside and outside work. Its 360-degree touchscreen also provides all sorts of entertainment, whether it is movies, games or simply web surfing, in ... Read More »

Keeping Pollution Under Check With The New Electric Cars

The New Electronic Cars

We’ve all heard about the new electric cars and how they are the perfect solution to keeping pollution under check but here are answers to some of the questions people often have about them. Electric cars are a rather new concept in the automotive industry. Some companies base the entire model of the car on using electricity (electric cars) while ... Read More »

Gesture Control In The New Nexus Phones

The nexus phones

There were many rumors regarding the new nexus phones having gesture controls. However, with the leak of an animated image, the talk is beginning to seem more than just a rumor. According to the latest updates, Google plans on introducing a new feature to view notifications. This would require swiping down on the fingerprint scanner present at the back of ... Read More »

Top 3 Hybrid Cars You Need To Check Out

BMW i3 Range Extender

With regular advancements being made in the electrical automobile industry, hybrid cars sales have steadily increased. As in any competitive market, there are bound to be hybrid car designs that sell well than the rest. Here are 3 of the best-selling hybrid cars, and insight into why they’re so in demand. The BMW i3 Range Extender The BMW i3 is ... Read More »

Electric Cars to Be Introduced by 2020

Porsche Mission E Concept

Electric and hybrid cars have really picked up in popularity in recent years. The year 2020 is predicted to be the ‘decade of the electric car’, as these innovative automobiles are expected to grow critically. Here are some impressive cars in particular that will hopefully be on the market by 2020. The Tesla Model 3 Tesla revealed its long-range vehicle ... Read More »

Plug-in Electric Cars

Plugin-in hybrid cars

Plug-in cars have certainly gained popularity over recent years. For those of you who don’t know, they are automobiles that act as hybrids of gasoline and electricity. The gasoline is converted into electricity, and is then used in the motor, consequently lowering harmful pollution. Alternatively, the car may run on solely electricity for some time. What Makes Plug-In Electric Cars ... Read More »

3 Best Phablets Introduced in 2016


‘Phablet’ is the terminology used for the popular phone-tablet hybrids. With 2016 came an interesting flow of phablets, and here are the 3 most note-worthy. The Samsung Note 7 Samsung’s Note made a come-back in 2016, and the Note 7 surely left its mark.  This phablet boasts an impressive dual-edged, 5.7 inch HD screen with an exceptional 2560×1440-pixel resolution, a ... Read More »

Tech Trends Changing the Phone World


2016 has brought its share of technological advancements – and the phone world is no exception to observe this change in. With many new trends that have shaped the phone world for the better, here are the most notable ones. Wearables The Apple Watch did a compelling job of asserting wearables in the forefront of the market. The 7 million ... Read More »

2 Phone Trends to Look Out For in 2017


Mobile companies have created a market for consumers that are hungry for something new and exciting every year. Annually companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola etc. launch their new handsets that are sold in huge numbers. Before upgrading, users look for the best and new technologies plus interesting features in the new models of their phones. A10 Processor One ... Read More »

Phone Design Trends of 2017


Each year smart phones are launched with better technology than the previous one, the product is refined andnew thoughts and ideas are put into the making. Huge companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG and many more restyle and remodel their previous products into something that is attractive and appealing. It is anticipated that all these big companies are going to ... Read More »

Mobile Marketing Trends of 2016


With new innovations come new ideas to market the new products. Marketers need to make worthwhile interactions with the consumers which ultimately help the marketer make their offers irresistible and enticing. Usage Of Videos One of the ways that now is effective in full swing is video ads. Google displays videos when we search for particular mobile phones. This has ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J3


Samsung launched a new model called Galaxy J3 early in 2016. There are several features this model offers that the previous ones did not. The camera in this new model is much better than the previous one. Other details like chipset and connectivity options are also improved. It has features like video recording with a good sound quality and good ... Read More »

How The Mobile Market Is Expected To Change In 2017


We are well aware of the fact that mobiles are essential to life in today’s era. We cannot think about surviving without a cell phone because a major part of the routine work is done through smart phones that vary from shopping to paying your bills on time. Even in the times when there are a number of different gadgets, ... Read More »

Planet Of The Apps


Apple announced its plans to create an original television series, with Propagate as their producing partner. They plan to begin shooting for the show is expected later in the year but it is unclear when and how they will air it. Details About The Show This Plant of the Apps show will represent Apple’s first venture into the world of ... Read More »

How The Facebook Messenger App Has Grown


Facebook’s Messenger App recently became one of the top three mobile applications in the world, reaching 1 billion users. Initially part of the Facebook app, it was separated two years ago, and was given its own application. This rapid growth can be attributed to Facebook’s aggressive approach to attract users, a lot more that the features offered. Features Offered The ... Read More »

Drop Proof Phones

Drop Proof Phones

One cannot survive without a cell phone in today’s time. An individual’s social life depends on the phone. Much of the routine work can be done through calls or via text messages. You cannot afford to lose, break or drop your phone. The Drop Proof Phones There are many instances when you drop your phone due to nothing but sheer ... Read More »

Aquila Solar Powered Internet Drone


Facebook has recently announced its successful testing of the Aquila Solar Powered Internet Drone. The idea behind this drone is to provide internet to remote areas, which would otherwise be deprived of the internet. The Drone The complex design of the drone itself is such that its wingspan is roughly the same size as an airliner, while its weight much ... Read More »

Lightroom Mobile Photo App


Lightroom is an application developed by Adobe. It provides tools needed to capture, edit and share photos directly on tablets and smartphones. Different Versions OfLightroom This application can be used on various devices.  The Lightroom application is available to use with the Apple IOS software and the android software as well. Similarly, other versions of Lightroom are available to be ... Read More »

Mobile Banking Trends 2016

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a new breakthrough in the world of banking with the increased use of technology. This allows customers to avail banking services with just a click of a button.  However, the question that arises is what functions are served by the use of mobile banking? Services Offered By Banks Via The Use Of Mobile Banking In this era ... Read More »

Best Small Tablets Headlining in 2017


The use of tablets has increased in the past few years. They provide features of a smartphone and a laptop which makes them user-friendly and easy to use. With new research in technology, there is increased development and experimentation of new products. The electronic market is dynamic with new products being launched at a fast rate.  However, the question arises ... Read More »

AI Powered Cozmo Robot

Cosmo Robot

Anki’s Cozmo is one that reminds you of the kind we see in movies built to work for example, to hold cans or move plates in short distances. It is capable of lifting small objects and has a light weight. Al power applied while building the robot helps it to recognize faces and light up when it encounters somebody familiar. ... Read More »

Facebook’s Secret Conversation Feature


Facebook has been experimenting with its messenger application. There has been a recent development and testing on the use of secret conversations on messenger.  This feature is available on the iOS and android messenger app on a temporary trial basis. What is a secret conversation? A secret conversation means that the conversation between two people is end to end encrypted. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Wide


Korean smart-phone company Samsung has come up with a brand-new handset which is to be called Galaxy Wide. Bearing the same identification as the previous Galaxy On7, it can be said that the Galaxy Wide has been made with a similar idea but is a newer, more cleaned up version. The touch-screen phone comes in two classic colors: black and ... Read More »

Tablet and Laptop Sales 2017 – A Comparison

Laptop sales

According to some researchers, people will be buying 6 times more tablets than laptops in the coming year 2017. Tablet sales are expecting around a 67 percent rise during 2016-17, whereas laptop and notebook PCs are going to see a 10 percent decrease. Furthermore, it is also being said that 2017 will see a steep and rapid rise in tablet ... Read More »

OLED Display in iPhone 8

Oled Displays

A research has suggested that a lot of people use one iPhone for almost two years or more. This starts an ongoing cycle and automatically makes a huge market for iPhone 8 for the people who have been using the same phone since 2015. A new feature that has never been seen before in any of the iPhones previously is ... Read More »

The new Nexus devices will support the much awaited Android Nougat 7.0

Android Nougat 7.0

Google’s Nexus devices are known to support the Android ‘vanilla’ platform almost exclusively. However, Google has announced that its 2016 Nexus devices will support the much awaited Android Nougat 7.0. But why are users waiting so anxiously for the release of this platform update? The Eye-Catching New Features Google’s Nougat has much to offer. While it has not been confirmed ... Read More »

This are the best Android tablets of 2016!


2016 has seen the introduction of a number of high-tech Android tablets made by companies such as Google, Samsung, Sony, and Lenovo. Based on reviews and general acceptability, these tablets are the best picks for 2016. Below are the main features and specifications for two tablets which have received particular attention. Google Pixel C The tablet has the signature minimalistic ... Read More »

Wearable Tech Trends on 2017

Virtual Reality

Today, there are above 430 tech devices that are wearable and are being sold. This number is expected to increase in 2017. Wearable devices are anticipated to be sold as commonly as jewelry. Here are some of these trends to be seen next year: Health Tech People have shown massive interest in wearable gadgets that help them keep their health ... Read More »

The Iris scanner is one of the features of the Galaxy Note 7

A Phablet is a term used to describe a smartphone with a screen size in between that of a typical tablet and a smartphone.  Various Companies like Apple, Google, LG and Samsung have each invented a phablet. Samsung has come up with the new Galaxy Note 7 Phablet.  This phone is gaining popularity amongst its users. The question that arises ... Read More »

Android VS iPhones in 2016


iPhone and Apple have a variety of new updates coming out this year. Previews for new phones and operating systems are being released, but which one is better? The iPhone 7 is being released at the end of the year. There are many rumors surrounding its design. They want to improve it but will removing the headphone jack and adding ... Read More »

Latest Phone Trends You Need To Keep Up With


Every year, the phone developers analyze their customer feedback and work to improve their virtual experience. This year the phone companies are focusing on improving the productivity of the phone. Here are some great phone trends that you need to look out for on 2016. Enhancing The Experience First up there is the new ‘cross platform’ app. In the past, ... Read More »

Anticipated IPhone 7 Features

iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 is expected to be available in the market in September 2016. This date is a prediction by leading analysts as Apple has followed a similar strategy of releasing new iPhones in September. The question that arises is what makes the iPhone 7 unique? Anticipated Features Of The New iPhone 7 When it comes to the price, ... Read More »

Sharp XE-A101 cash register manual

Sharp xe-a101 cash register manual

Sharp xe-a101 cash register manual is essential for every store owner who owns this particular machine. Although Sharp’s cash registers are user friendly, you will still need some referencing. User manual is always a good starting point whenever you buy yourself a new machine. For instance, inside this manual you will find “getting started” section where you will find some important ... Read More »

Sharp er-a310 cash register manual

Sharp ER-A310 cash register manual

Consider Sharp er-a310 cash register manual as your best friend if you own this cash register. Although it is not as “complex” as some other models out there, it can be intimidating, especially for total beginners in retail. After all, working with money is part of your job as a clerk or business owner, and cash registers can really help you a ... Read More »

Sharp cash register xe-a41s manual

Sharp cash register xe-a41s manual

  Sharp cash register xe-a41s manual can be downloaded in case you lost your paper copy, but first, let’s introduce this register. Like many other Sharp cash registers, it is easy to operate and to setup, while still offering great range of features for the price. Thanks to that, you will find XE-A41S to be one of the most versatile cash ... Read More »

Sharp cash register xe-a203 manual

Sharp cash register xe-a203 manual

Sharp has been well known for making great electronic devices, including cash registers. Sharp cash register xe-a203 manual can give you some important information about your machine, like initializing, installing batteries, installing a paper role, programming, language selection, setting up date and time, text programming and how to access advanced functions. All of this is important to read first, because cash registers ... Read More »

Singer featherweight 221 manual

Singer featherweight 221 manual

Vintage sewing machines are interesting niche that is gaining popularity lately. Reason for that is apparent – vintage sewing machines have certain appeal and style that makes them great decorative pieces in both modern and contemporary interiors. Back at the time when sewing machines were not made out of plastic, buying your first machine probably meant buying your last machine, ... Read More »

Verifone vx610 manual

Verifone vx610 manual

When it comes to reliability, few wireless terminals can compare with Verifone’s devices. In case you own one, you know what we’re talking about. For instance, if you own VX610, you know that it offers advanced functionality, ease of use, reliability and high-speed performance. Since it has wide range of advanced features, you will probably need to download Verifone vx610 manual in ... Read More »

Verifone vx570 manual pdf

Verifone vx570 manual pdf

Verifone vx570 manual pdf is useful to all users who own this great countertop terminal. In this modern age, it’s unimaginable to conduct any kind kind of retail or service without owning some kind of countertop solution and payment processing device. Verifone vx570 combines speed and performance, something that is vital for all store owners. On top of that, you have support ... Read More »

Verifone vx810 user manual

Verifone vx810 user manual

Verifone VX810 user manual will come in handy for every owner of this elegant, modular and feature-rich device. In case you’re looking for a device that combines features, functions and stylish design, you’ll probably be very happy with this model. Magnetic stripe card reader, smart card reader (contactless payment) and PIN pad are all included, making this device very powerful while ... Read More »

Verifone mx830 manual

verifone mx830 manual

  Verifone mx830 manual will come in handy to all store owners who need reliable, flexible and modular terminals that support full line of payments and other applications, like prepaid cards. Like all Verifone terminals, this one is also secure and easy to use. On the plus side, your purchase of this terminal is backed up by Verifone’s 20 years of ... Read More »