Dell Precision 390 manual

Dell Precision 390 manualDell Precision 390 manual can be useful for less knowledgeable users who like to check information from time to time, while so called power users usually don’t even open manuals as they can and like to find their way around problems for themselves. Dell offer some high-quality desktop configurations for average users and offices. Some users like to build their PCs for themselves, but most other user groups are fine with buying pre-configured workstations which fit their needs without any problems. This model will suit business and home users with limited budget, but still offer decent performance. It is running Intel 3.4GHz dual core processor, 3GB of RAM, 500GB HDD and fast video card (GPU). Off course, this machine comes with CD/DVD drive and integrated LAN, capable of wireless connection. Precision 390 workstation suits the needs of most non-demanding users who use PC for office work, multimedia and occasional gaming. Model is upgradeable to Windows 7, which you should do if it is by any chance running Windows XP. This way, you can be sure you’re protected, as XP is not supported any more and can be a real security risk, especially if you’re business user. Dell Precision 390 manual is available for download from official Dell’s website, if you click here: Dell Precision 390 manual