Nortel networks phone manual t7208

Nortel networks phone manual t7208Everyone was shocked when Nortel went down, as this was once huge international company, with strong sales all over the world. But market is unpredictable and they were obviously unprepared for the upcoming situation. After Avaya took over, most of the models changed names and numbers, but support is still there, which is the most important thing for users obviously. In this Nortel networks phone manual t7208 you will find basic info about the phone as well as the essential instructions. Even the more demanding users should be satisfied with this model, although it offers limited number of features in comparison to some competing devices. It allows up to six lines, and will be best suited for desk support, retailers, and similar fields where good communication is essential. In fact, it is more suited for handling large volumes of external calls, then incoming calls. On top of this, you will get eight programmable buttons with a LCD screen and input jack for headphones. This phone is affordable, so the main advantage is low-cost and easy operation, as well as capability to handle moderate volume of calls  such as in the reception areas of medium-sized companies. Download the Nortel networks phone manual t7208 in PDF format from here: Nortel networks phone manual t7208